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Clams is the first male miniature dachshund of Michael and Patti Workman. He was born in 1999 somewhere outside the Isle of Weenerslavania, and soon joined his older Hominidae brother Max and sister Lauren at their home in San Jose, California.

Clams, like most miniature dachshunds, looks cute and cuddly, but is tirelessly energetic, clever and curious—some who know him might even say “intense.” Always up for a walk or a round of fetch, he loves the outdoors, especially the beach.


Clams is the founder, Chairman, President, CEO, COO, CMO and CWS (Chief Wine Sniffer) of Weener’s Leap. He is also a trim and handsome model whose likeness graces each and every bottle of Weener’s Leap wine.


Before founding the winery, Clams co-founded Pillar Data Systems, a 500 person company in the data storage industry based in San Jose, California. In 2001 Clams teamed up with three other co-founders, Larry Ellison, Mike Workman and Nancy Holleran, to form Pillar at the young age of 2. In 2004 he got tired of dealing with Human Resource issues and officially entered into semi-retirement. He still goes in occasionally to inspect the place, say hello to other co-founders and take advantage of company provided snacks. He is also still active on the Board of Directors with the official title of ‘Mascot’.


Special Tricks:
Eating, piddling, and sleeping are his specialties. In fact, Clams sleeps on command. All you have to do is say "Sleep" and look around, you'll most likely find him snoozing. He also loves playing hours upon hours of fetch with his orange squeaky toy. If there isn't much wind, he can find it anywhere on a half acre of land without having any idea where it is. Talk about snoz power!


Clams is famous and can be seen on Google Satellite images. A 50 foot painting of him on Pillar's San Jose California Headquarters roof (zoom in) can be seen by planes flying in and out of the San Jose airport. He also has his own blog called the The Long and Short of it All blog.


Alternative Names:
Clams has many auxiliary names, including: Happy, Gummy, Gumball, Gummer, Weener, Weenie, Waffles, Smuckles, Sparkles, Hank, Orion Ring and Voltorb.


Miniature Dachshund History:
A breed dating back to at least the Middle Ages, Dachshunds—coming from the German dach, which means “badger,” and hund, which means “dog”—were used widely in 17th century Germany as hunting dogs. Their short, sleek frames and an incredible sense of smell allowed them to hunt above ground, below ground and track animals for days at a time. Today they are used for chasing squirrels, playing hide-the-snoz games, and identifying the expressiveness of fine wine.


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